Tritium Gas transport vessels


Variety of Sizes: Standard sizes up to 10L vessels to transport and store tritium gas


Electropolished: Minimizes tritium hang up in the vessel


Vacuum Fittings: VCR fittings for maximum leak tightness


Leak Tight: He leak tight to 1x10-9 scc/sec for tritium service


Cost Effective: Robust stainless steel construction for sub-atmospheric tritium gas shipment

            The Tritium Transport Vessel (TV) is a sub-atmospheric stainless steel vessel for holding tritium gas for either temporary storage or transportation.  The TV comes in a variety of calibrated volumes that can be charged with up to 750 torr of tritium gas.

            The TV has full penetration welds and is electropolished on the interior to minimize tritium hang up.  Each TV comes with a bellows sealed isolation valve and a VCR8 or VCR4 fitting for tritium service.

            The TV comes standard in 0.5L and 1L calibrated volumes but can be ordered with customs volumes and dimensions.

Design Benefits

            The TV is a robust design to handle tritium gas shipment.  The unit is helium leak tight to 1×10-9 scc/sec at the operating temperature which is suitable for tritium service.  All units come standard with a bellows sealed isolation valve and either a ½” VCR8 female or ¼” VCR4 female fitting to provide leak tight connections.

Brochure – Transport Vessel

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