Nickle Bed (Ni Bed)


Triple Use: Reduced state - capture O2 // Oxidized state - capture H2 // Continuous Recombination


Inherently safe: No ignition source, reaction is catalyzed


Robust: Catalyst is tolerant of high temperature


Tritium compatible: Bellow Sealed valves, full Stainless-Steel construction, high leak tightness


Pressure Vessel: Registered to ASME Section VIII Div 1

            The Nickel Bed (Ni Bed) is a fully integrated device designed to remove either trace oxygen or hydrogen from inert gas streams.

            When operating in the reduced state, trace oxygen is trapped as nickel oxide within the bed with no release of water vapor.  This is ideal for removing oxygen from an inert gas stream before the gas is directed over components that are sensitive to damage by oxidation.

            When operating in the oxidized state, hydrogen at low partial pressures will be converted to water vapor.   This is ideal for recombining trace amounts of tritiated hydrogen from an inert gas stream for capture on a downstream drier bed for removal.

            When operating in the recombiner mode, trace tritium in a stoichiometric mix with oxygen in a carrier gas can be converted to water vapor and condensed into a continuous water sample for sensitive activity measurements.

            High temperature operation ensures a fast system response time and a large capacity.

Design Benefits

            The Nickel Bed is designed for robustness.  The ability to operate at high temperatures ensures that unexpected concentration spikes in the stream will not damage the bed.  The stainless steel welded vessel, rugged band heater, sheathed thermocouples, insulation and protective stainless-steel jacket ensure a clean package that can operate continuously at 450oC without damage.

            The Nickel Bed comes standard with metal bellows isolation hand valves fitted with copper stem tips and VCR-8 female nuts.  The unit is helium leak tight to 1×10-9 scc/sec at the operating temperature which is suitable for tritium service.

Brochure – Nickel Bed

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