iTM 500cc ISS-IC Tritium Monitor


Small 500 cc package designed for installation in an ISS


20 cc wire cage for product side and solid anode for raffinate side of an ISS


Polished chambers to minimize tritium retention


Registered to ASME Section VIII Div 1

            The Isotope Separation System Ionization Chamber (ISS-IC) is designed to operate as the product side and raffinate side tritium monitor for a TCAP ISS.  The compact 500 cc design allows for installation in small volume gloveboxes.

            The product side ion chamber has a 20 cc wire cage that acts as a virtual wall for the measurement volume.  This provides for a large measurement range from Curies to pure tritium while minimizing background effects from surface retention.

            The raffinate side ion chamber has a solid anode to provide the maximum chamber volume of 500 cc for more sensitive measurements.

            The valve placement and VCR4 fittings for both chambers have been optimized for installation in a small footprint ISS located within a glovebox.

            An internet enabled, power of ethernet electrometer (iTM) may be easily installed onto the ionization chambers to provide the anode bias and measure the current from the ionization chambers.

Design Benefits

            The ISS-IC is designed for use as an in-line process monitor for small footprint Isotopic Separation Systems.  All ionization chambers are registered pressure vessels to comply with the process pressure envelope.  The units are helium leak tight to 1×10-9 scc/sec at the operating temperatures as high as 150oC.  All units come standard with VCR4 female fittings to provide leak tight installation.

Brochure – iTM 500cc ISS-IC Tritium Monitor

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