iTM 10cc Mini-IC Tritium Monitor


Ionization chamber, preamplifier and controller in one small package


Auto range across 6 decades of signal


10cc Chamber integrated into body


Single Ethernet connection provides power and signal


Registered to ASME Section VIII Div 1

            The internet enabled Tritium process monitor Mini (iTM Mini) are in-line registered pressure vessel ionization chambers with preamplifier, multi-range controller, and power all integrated into a single compact design.

            The iTM has only one RJ-45 ethernet jack that provides all required voltages with the power over ethernet (POE) protocol and all communication over the ethernet.  Connectivity to multiple iTM’s only requires a POE switch or router connected to your data acquisition (DAQ) or computers local area network (LAN).

            An integrated 10cc ionization chamber within the body of the device allows for simple installation in a process loop.

            The four stage multi-ranging capability provides 6 decades of measurement range.  The iTM can be operated in an auto ranging or manual ranging mode.

            The POE electronics do not have an external controller which reduces glovebox penetration requirements.  Multiple (16 or more) iTM’s can operate off a single switch installed inside the glovebox with a single RJ-45 ethernet cable penetration.

Design Benefits

            The iTM Mini is designed for use as an in-line process monitor.  All ionization chambers are registered pressure vessels to comply with the process pressure envelope.  The units are helium leak tight to 1×10-9 scc/sec at the operating temperatures as high as 150oC.  All units come standard with ½” VCR8 female fittings to provide leak tight installation.

Brochure – iTM 10cc Mini-IC Tritium Monitor

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